Mobile Billboard
Effective Ad Campaign

The Mobility Factor!

“If you can’t bring the traffic to the billboard… bring the billboard to the traffic!”

Imagine moving a large format 45′ wide x 12′ tall, double sided billboard with an 8.5′ x 12′ rear facing panel through Downtown Winnipeg in rush hour traffic?

Well, this is what many smart marketers dream of doing for high impact advertising that is visually stunning and different than most advertising mediums!

Beacon Technology

Let’s take it a step further and add beacon technology (mobile targeting) to communicate with cell phones within 300 meters of your billboard to:
–  push
out location based welcome messages, promotions/coupons, relevant information, etc.
gather cell phone information via your apps on who has passed your billboard
–  c
ontinue to re-target long after the billboard has left utilizing your app, Google’s Project Beacon and Facebook bluetooth beacon platforms, to name a few.

Some of the Best Advertising Metrics in The Business!

With this combination, you can attain a very effective, targeted ad campaign with some of the lowest cost metrics and highest ROI’s in the business.

The final cost of a vehicle wrap comes down to pennies per 1000 views, according to ATA Outdoor Advertising, at about 6 cents /1000  vs other mediums such as un-targeted direct-mail at $23.38 / 1000.  That said, the reality is that a Full Bus Wrap is far more expensive than a traditional vehicle rap, with a more realistic cost of about $7.00 / 1000, but the results are “oh so worth it!”   The wraps are more expensive because these buses are huge and impossible to miss as they move about town, generating  about 30,000 to 70,000 plus, impressions per day.

No other medium can guarantee coverage at the exact locations and times where your audience lives, works, plays and commutes.

We can bring the huge, mobile billboards right into rush hour traffic, pushing out your mobile-beacon-targeted information, while gathering valuable data metrics as per current beacon technology.

One of Many Examples:

Consider a new product launch or promotion, where a large, mobile billboard begins to move along Winnipeg’s rush hour routes from 7:30 am till 8:30 am.  Along the route of St. Mary’s Rd. to Portage and Main, then through the downtown for while.  Next, we take a leisurely drive west along Portage Ave. to perhaps, Moray St., then  turn around and go back along Portage Ave. to Main St.  Once completed, there may be enough time to run up Pembina Hwy to  Jubilee, then North on Osborne St.,  and back to Portage and Main.

One can only dream of the number of impressions that were had that morning!

Getting stuck in “Rush Hour Traffic … IS NO PROBLEM!”